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May 2012

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President's Message Submitted By: Tess Bear


We have heard over and over again that the Boy Scouts are always “prepared”. Many times this is a good rule. After all, we purchase auto insurance, home owner’s insurance and some have medical insurance. These kinds of purchases make us prepared in case of auto accidents, theft or fire at home, and catastrophic medical issues. But how many of us know how to do the Heimlich maneuver? How many of us have ever needed to know? Well, if you were at April’s dinner, you know the answer to those questions. Right in the middle of our guest’s talk, Joan Munsee began to choke. Coughed a few times, and then stopped. Everyone noticed, of course, but we didn’t know what to do. My husband, the only man in attendance, jumped into action! He had been sitting on the other side of the room, but was at Joan’s side in a flash. He performed the maneuver and literally saved her life! I had invited a guest, but she couldn’t come at the last minute. That Monday was my husband’s first day at a new job, and I thought it would be nice if he didn’t have to come home to an empty house. So I asked him to come with me to The Dixie Café. Synchronistic! The following week I attended a first aid class and learned to use an on-site defibrillator. These are important skills to know. One never knows when it might be needed. These are not expensive skills to learn and the time invested is well worth it. Contact the American Red Cross. They have classes offered all the time. Let’s be prepared!

Tess Bear, President of Network of Memphis 2012

May Dinner Submitted by: Joan Munsee and Lucy Barnhart

Please come join the fun on the first Monday of the month, May 7th at 5:30 p.m. at the Dixie Café, 4699 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN – (901) 683-7555.

We hope you enjoyed last month’s meeting/dinner and our guest speaker who was a Master Gardener, Barbara Gavrock. We had a nice turn out and are hoping that you will join us again this month. We will be in the back of the restaurant in our private room and we will be ordering directly off the menu – the restaurant will issue us separate checks.


As a reminder, since we no longer have a catered menu, we no longer have any extra money available to make donations for a charity or to promote Network. We are asking that everyone contribute $5.00 per person in order to build up our Treasury again so that we will be able to make donations to some good causes again.

Please make your reservation by noon on May 4th via email to

We look forward to seeing you there and as always guests are welcome!

Joan Munsee and Lucy Barnhart

Standing Reservations Submitted By: Joan Munsee and Lucy Barnhart

  • Joan Munsee
  • Felicia Gladue
  • Tess Bear
  • Sylvia Cox
  • Debra Malone-Reeve

To add your name to the standing reservations list, please email Tess Bear at

Network News


New Members Corner

Network of Memphis was delighted to welcome two new members in April. Tess Bear invited Donna Kirk to our March meeting. Donna came to dinner again in April meeting and joined. Donna is the CEO of Kirk Business Solutions. Joan Follmann also joined in April after visiting a dinner meeting. Joan is the owner of Cruise Planners.

Yearly dues remain a mere $36 as they have for years. If you haven’t joined or renewed your membership already, don’t wait any longer. There are two ways in which to renew. You can do so at our dinner meeting, or by mailing a check to me. Please don’t forget to include your membership form so I’ll have your most current information for the directory.

Membership Chair


Happy Birthday, Network Sisters! Submitted By: Felicia Gladue

There are no members with birthdays this month.

Upcoming 2012 Meetings Submitted By: Felicia Gladue

Below is an Upcoming 2012 list of Meetings:


May 7
Program: We will not have a speaker this month.
Location: Dixie Cafe
4699 Poplar Avenue
June 11
Program: There’s no better way to celebrate an all American summer than baseball. Once we get to AutoZone park we can add the hot dogs and apple pie.
Location: Autozone Park
200 Union Avenue
July 2
Program: We will meet and dine at a Mexican restaurant.
Location: Las Delicias Mexican Bar and Grill
4002 Park Avenue
August 6
Program: Our annual wine tasting! Need we say more?
Location: Pecan Grove Clubhouse
September 3
Program: Memphis is lucky to have a local woman who knows a lot about herbs, lotions, AND owns a “Pharmacy” to sell such wonderful things. We will be inviting the owner of Maggie’s Pharm to be our guest.
Location: Dixie Cafe
4699 Poplar Avenue
October 1
Program: The kids may be getting ready for trick or treating, but we will be learning about costuming and stage make up. Wear a costume and enter Network’s first Costume Contest!
Location: Dixie Cafe
4699 Poplar Avenue
November 5
Program: November is the month to concentrate on being thankful.
Location: Dixie Cafe
4699 Poplar Avenue
December 3
Program: Holiday Party. No we haven’t forgotten!
Location: Pecan Grove Clubhouse

Submitting an Article

If anyone would like to submit an article, please send it as a word attachment and use a jpeg format for a picture by the 25th of the month to Lori Harris at

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